Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Oh Friend, who art thou?

In a world that has never been so connected through ease of travel, mobile technology and the internet, we cannot help but witness and feel the plight of so many refugees from countries torn apart by war.

Then why when we are so connected, can so many people feel so lost? So out of place? We are in the midst of the humanitarian crisis of our generation and we are the ones who must make a difference. Everyone can help, whether you give a penny or a home, every little helps.

I cry for a friend I lost
in a land covered in rubble and dust
a land that bleeds and turns to rust
a place my heart and soul calls home

I cry for a friend I need
my home is gone, my families bleed
I search in desperation, not greed
for a place my heart can call a home

I cry for a friend I found
in a nation far from the burning ground
where thousands mourn for those who drowned
where I hope to find a warming home

I cry for a friend who cares
who does not shun or fear my prayers
a friend loves and openly shares
for a family that welcomes me to their home

We have a chance to speak out as a species and once again restore faith in humanity. What we choose to do in this time will define our generation.