Friday, 3 April 2015

The Great Publishing Question

Over the past months I have been engaged in querying various agents in the UK and US with my Middle Grade fantasy, Alex Frost and the Dragons of Overearth. Not with much success, I hasten to add. Every author goes through the struggles of finding an agent, some find their match immediately, others can take longer - one fellow I know on twitter took 6 or 7 years. But now he has one!

Unfortunately, I find myself stuck thinking about AFatDoO (great acronym!) whilst it remains unpublished. I have a few queries outstanding, but given the feedback so far I think it unlikely that it will strike a chord with any of them. I am almost set on publishing, even though it's Middle Grade and difficult to crack the market through a publisher, let alone as a self-published author. But I have one last option before the self-publish button gets pushed.

I recently discovered, a website that crowd funds books through pre-orders. You pitch your novel, readers review it and pre-order of they like it. If you get enough pre-orders, the book gets published.

I read through the terms, wrote out a project. Deleted it. Wrote it out again, procrastinated a bit more and then, eventually, hit the submit button. Then changed my mind. I've still got lots to think about, many options and lots of writing to do before this book is ready for publishing. It just takes time!

Thanks for your support (if you give it) and thanks for reading if you don't!