Friday, 24 July 2015

Can you draw like I write?

Last week, I was thinking about how I can get something done with some of my other pieces of work as a little distraction from my work on AF. It struck me that I have a number of picture books I have written that have no pictures to go with them.

It's a minor problem for a picture book... not having pictures. So I thought, there must be some highly talented artists and illustrators out there who have some pictures with no words to with them. If a picture paints a thousand words, then why has no one painted mine? Probably because I've never asked anyone.

A few beta readers & critique partners have kindly read one or two of my picture books and have given relatively positive feedback. I wonder if there is someone out there, who might read this, who knows someone that sat next to some dude on the bus who's sketching on the back of fag packet and could say, 'Hey! I know this guy who's looking for someone just like you! And not in a romantic sense!'

And here's my proposition.

Dear Illustrators,

I am putting forward one of my picture books for illustration. I'm looking for someone who really gets my writing and can make my words dance and sing across the page. Bring my story to life. If you think it might be you, please get in touch. I am posting below a snippet from one of my rhyming stories that I would love to see some examples or submissions for. What's in it for you? Well if we get on, we can work together, make a book and sell it online. I'll do all the hard graft posting about it every and trying to get recognition. I'll compile the eBooks and paperbooks and set them up for sale on my distribution account.

The joy for me is just to see my stories come to life. And we might... just might... make something out of it.

As the great band ABBA once sang, 'Take a chance on me!' You won't regret it :)

So here is the snippet from my picture book, 'Who's afraid of Monsters?' I'll leave it completely open to your interpretation.

"Sleep well," my dad said as as he turns out the light,
"Tuck yourself in, pull that duvet up tight.
Don't be afraid that the bedbugs might bite,
There's no monster or ghost to go bump in the night.”

For a moment I'm fine, for a moment all's well.
But... Hold on, what's that noise? Was it dad? I can't tell!
Maybe he tripped down the stairs and he fell,
Or it's maybe a monster who gave that stark yell!

A flicker, a glimmer, a whisper of white.
By the door, now the window, it's faster than light!
It's closer, I feel it, but it's just out of sight...
Then gone without warning, not wanting to fight.

So that's it. Do one picture or a small collection, it's your choice. I may get zero submissions, which is fine too. But I truly hope that someone is inspired and wants to make a go of it. Here's to hope and ambition... every writer's fuel for life!