Monday, 2 February 2015

No sun or snow... just rain over here

Unfortunately I didn't make it through to the mentor round of SunvsSnow, but lots of wonderful writers did, so there is always a bright side!

So, onwards and upwards! I have decided to finish working on my query and submission for project codename: THE MONSTER!

The monster is a children's picture book written entirely in four bar rhyming quadruplets - is that even a term? Whilst I strive to write a successful full length novel, I tend to find writing in poem form more natural for my style.

With e-mails ready and stanzas prepared I go forward, head held high ready to tackle the next challenge.

I'm not finished with the AF:MG manuscript that was submitted to SvS, but will work on some revisions before taking it forward! Anyway, congrats to the authors who made it through:

Team Snow:
Mystery at Geek Camp
Ninja Squirrels of the Hundred Acre Wood
Karma Khullar's Mustache

A Murder of Magic
That's Just Fabulous
Silent Beauty
I Have No Name

Getting Wyrd on Albion

Boldly Go
Birthday Disaster
Hanna Buys the Farm
What the Hell
The Stepping Stones

Team Sun:
The Hideaway
Missing Emily

New Adult:
Picked Apart

Young Adult:
The Sinner Rose
Of Night and Stone
Beneath Our Skin
The Heartsmith
In Darkness We Rise
Suspension of Disbelief
Forces Beyond Our Control (Free Pass Winner)

Middle Grade:
The Secret at Seachase
Lost in Never (Wonder) Land