Saturday, 22 August 2015

A children's poem/picture book

I thought this week, rather than some idol ramblings, I'd post one of my poems for children. As my sub for PitchWars was dragon themed, here is my dragon themed poem 'The Bravest Boy in the Village'. I hope you enjoy it!

In a small unnamed village, north of the downs

Lived a boy called William, the bravest in town.

He looked for adventure wherever its found

But saw nothing he feared for miles around


Then, one day, a dragon arrived

And a cave at the top of Mount Blue it espied

How perfect,” it said, with its eyes on its prize

Then looked from its cave for some food and supplies.


Next morning it raided the village below

It knocked down some buildings and set them aglow.

It chased all the pets from the annual pet show  

And gobbled up all of the veg, row by row.


The villagers met in the town hall that night

To think up a plan that would sort out their plight.

But all were too scared and filled up with fright

To visit the dragon who set things alight.


Then up stepped William and proudly he said,

I’ll climb up the cliff ,” then nodded his head.

He set off with gear from his grandfather’s shed:

Two picks, some crampons and rope from his sled.


But as he approached he let out a sigh,

He looked up the cliff and said, “Gosh, that’s quite high!”

An uneasy feeling filled up his inside

That’s scary,” he said, “but still, I must try!”


This feeling was odd, peculiarly queer,

It span round his head and bounced ear to ear,

The face of the cliff before him was sheer.

He thought, is this what it’s like to feel fear!


He fitted the crampons, one to each shoe,

Looped up the rope and made a lasso.

He held one end tight and the other he threw

Round a rock that stuck up near the top of Mount Blue.


Then summoning all of his strength he set out

To conquer the cliff and his fear without doubt.

He climbed to the top and nearly passed out

From the smoke that flowed out from a scaly green snout.


What do you want?” a booming voice said,

What are you doing here, up by my bed?

Give me one reason why I shouldn’t be fed

And gobble you up from your toes to your head!”


William stood with his hands by his thighs

And said with no trace of fear in his eyes,

You’re very unfriendly for someone your size,

Why must you chase us and swoop from the skies?”


You’re mean and a bully and very unfair,

You don’t seem to think about others or care

For all of the people down there that you scare.

So please won’t you leave and find a new lair!”


The dragon cried and let out a bray.

It looked at the boy and said “lackaday,

I was only looking for someone to play.

So if I behave, would you mind if I stay?”


William just smiled and said, “I’ve a plan.

If you come with me now, I think that you can.”

So the dragon expanded his wings like a fan

And they flew from the mountain at William’s command. 


The villagers thought they were under attack

But as it got closer their tensions went slack

For they saw it was William who was having a crack

At riding on top of the great dragon’s back.


He yelled, “Have no fear, this dragon’s our friend.

He really just wanted to play in the end.

His chase is a game and his flame is pretend.

So if we join in he will make amends.”


After the day that he calmed down the beast,

The townsfolk were glad that the danger had ceased.

The dragon had fun and was happy to please,

while William was made the Warden of Peace.