Monday, 31 August 2015

The Challenge: #7X7X7X7

One of my critique partners, Jim Ormande, recently invited me to take the #7x7x7x7 challenge. I have graciously accepted! The rules are: you post the next 7 lines after the 7th line on the 7th page of a work in progress and then invite 7 other writers to do the same.

Sounds pretty simple, so here it is. 7 lines from my adult, sci-fi comedy, Argyle: An Adventure through Space and Time.

“The bastard destroyed my ship,” continued Argyle, “it was MY ship.”

“I’m sure it was sir, but are YOU Argyle Hartley?”

Somewhat bemused, Argyle turned, “huh?... er, yes I am.”

“Well congratulations sir, it looks like you’ve won the Lottery!” the courier exclaimed, handing over a datapad.”

“I.. what? Really?” Argyle took the datapad, “Just as I thought this day was going badly… erm, hang on a sec, this is addressed to Argyle Huntley, is this right?”

The courier retrieved the datapad and looked at it briefly, “Oh my, I’m ever so sorry sir, it looks like I grabbed the wrong pad in my haste. Please accept my apologies, I believe this one is for you”, he handed over another datapad.

Argyle looked at the pad, astonished, “I’m being evicted?”

So that's it! Now to challenge 7 more writers to do it...